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Margaret treanor frey

An avid writer, illustrator, and Dungeons & Dragons player, Margaret is having a great time bringing these NPCs the backstory they really deserve.

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Mary Anne Mohanraj

A writer, professor, and cook, Mary Anne has been publishing novels, short stories, cookbooks, and poems for decades. She figured the list was incomplete without a graphic novel.

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about us

We met as roommates in college.

That's a long time ago, and in the intervening years we've lived on opposite ends of the country and spent years apart, but had strangely parallel lives. Our children are about the same age. Our cancers were about the same time. We share a compulsion to make a space for others in our communities and connect people to the resources they need.

We will cook for you.

The Comic...

The comic in the header pretty much covers it.

We were at Wiscon, wondering why we hadn't collaborated on anything before. It's scratched out in ball point pen on a piece of copy paper cadged from the front desk clerk at the hotel. Then it got crumpled in the suitcase on the way home.

So, it's a bit rough, but by golly it's a plan.

The story opens with Sita, the only fully human character, moving in to town, looking for a place to raise her 'part-monster' children.

It goes on as a slice-of-life story in a fantasy setting, strangely devoid of vicious betrayals or gut-churning slayings, and becomes about building community and found families.

But with dragons.

And merfolk.

And a baking competition.

You'll just have to see it for yourself.